The Fourth Age – The insane ramblings (and occasional scrawlings) of a bearded madman with the eye of an artist and the brain of a scientist. He keeps them wrapped in newspaper under his bed.

Skchbk – The sketchbook scrawlings of the very same bearded madman. I am jealous of his lines.

Eoin Carey Photography (and blog) – This man captures the prettiest of moments in his light capturing device, sometimes sharing them with the rest of us.

Those Who Dream Never Lived – Narwhals makes music and DJ’s and organises music festivals and when he’s not busy doing all that he sometimes finds the time to jot down a blog.

Gay Bikers on Acid – Not a man, but a cycling machine and a mysterious one at that.

 Gypsies With Knives – I listen to the music Ian writes about on this blog and then pretend I’ve been listening to it for ages and that I’m cool and hip and still with it.

NewNoises – A friend of mine, living in Dublinlandia now, being all fancy with a radio show on 2XM and stuff.

The Spanish Exposition – No lie, this is probably one of my favourite blogs, I wish she’d do it more often. Not that I’m one to talk really.

Chancing My Arm – The husband of The Spanish Exposition (they met through blogging, isn’t that nice?). Also a very fine blogger; I like his stuff, so I do.

Annie and the Little Pinch of Salt – Annie’s a fantastic writer, check out her stories from Tibet and America. Her photographs are only savage as well.

StereoTyping (My old blog) – Never forget what you’ve done before… but try not too look back too often – cringing gives you wrinkles.

More to come.


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